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Whole milk powder is manufactured by spray-drying fresh pasteurised whole milk. It is a soluble powder with a rich creamy flavour, as well as a uniform and consistent composition.


The goodness of NZ shines through in the taste. Predominantly grass fed, our cows produce milk with higher levels of omega-3, CLA fats, more vitamin E and more beta carotene giving a full creamy dairy flavour.

It contains all the constituents of fresh milk.

Choose the whole milk powder you need

Made from fresh, pasteurised whole milk, our whole milk powder is a versatile ingredient – you can choose from regular, instant, UHT, caramelised and organic.  Just ask and we’ll be happy to help.


  • Good solubility
  • Rich, creamy flavour
  • Good flow properties
  • Available in a 26% and 28% fat version

The many uses of whole milk powder

Designed for use in many applications – such as blends, bakery goods, confectionary, ice cream, fermented milk foods such as yoghurt, snack foods, nutritional supplements or direct repack for consumer use in milk beverages and for tea or coffee.

Our new Wholemilk Powder for Tea is a tailor made solution for repack manufacturers wanting a Regular whole milk powder to produce an end product for consumers that dissolves quickly and easily in hot tea, while avoiding the flavour profiles from lecithin found in Instant WMP.

We have also recently developed a Caramelised Wholemilk Powder especially for use in chocolate.  It imparts rich caramel and toffee flavours that complement the chocolate cocoa flavours and it has excellent flow properties.

Easy formulation makes this the ideal ingredient

Because whole milk powder provides both milk fat and non-fat milk solids in one ingredient, you’ll need fewer ingredients – and that means formulation is simpler to do. You can simply reconstitute whole milk powder, rather than the more complex recombination of separate fat and non-fat milk ingredients.

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