Pisang Goreng Premix Sriboga EasyMix

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Sriboga EasyMix Pisang Goreng premix produces flavouful and crispy, golden brown fried banana, otherwise known as Indonesian ‘Pisang Goreng’. This easy ‘just add water’ formula is perfect for busy kitchens, with consistent and reliable result everytime. Sriboga Easymix Pisang Goreng premix can also be ised other applications like Fried Ubi or Fried Pineapple.

Product Benefits

  • Uniform and consistent results
  • Reduces skilled labour requirements
  • Quick preparation time
  • Easy to make, ‘Just add water’
  • affordable price to suit modern outlets
  • Reduces need for multiple ingredients
  • Authentic Indonesian flavour with a hint of vanilla
  • Crispy texture with excellent holding time

Informasi Tambahan

Berat 1000 g

1 Kg, 10 x 1Kg


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