Plastik Wrap Naked Roll 45cm x 500m

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  • Plastik Wrap Naked Roll 45cm x 500m
  • Premium and certified food-safe cling film, clings well, thick and strong. It’s now come with two-way sliding blade for easy and safe handling. Orient Cling Film is ideal for wrapping all kind of food stuffs include fat, butter or margarine. It’s suitable for use in fridge, freezer and microwave.Keeping your food fresher & longer and retaining moisture is now so easy!Orient Cling Film is also suitable for wrapping non-food items. For example: clinical tools, hair or skin for wellness treatment, etc.Available in many sizes. We can also customise to your requirements.
  • Packing : 4 rolls/Carton
  • Size : 45cm x 500 mtr
  • Core thickness : 3mm
  • Temperature : If used at temperature higher than 40⁰C such as microwave oven, we recommend covering the bowl without direct contact with food. Not suitable for use in conventional oven
  • Material : Plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC) compounded with food contact approved additives in accordance with food contact plastic material regulation.
  • Compliance :
    • General purpose blown film (GB & Non-GB), suitable for wrapping food products and non-food items
    • Plastic film fully complies with the E.U Legislation in force (regulation (EC) N⁰1935/2004,2023/2006) concerning material and articles intended to come into contact with food.
    • A specific regulation permits the use of this film in the European market for fruits, vegetables, frozen foodstuffs, bakery products and solid confectionery.
    • In accordance with European directive 2004/12/CE, the total amount for heavy metal (Pb, Cd, CrVI, Hg) is below 100ppm, other noxious substances for environment are minimized.

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